Your Safe Power


Welcome to Hellenic Explosives Technology (ELTEK) – the fastest growing explosives company in the Balkans.

From our privately-owned 100 acres and our 14 modern industrial facilities, ELTEK does not just offer the appropriate quantity and quality of explosives required for every technical project but also the necessary know-how so that each project can be completed with complete success and safety – within timetable and within budget.

Our Vision

To continue supporting our customers by providing them with the most secure and efficient products to help create profitable and valuable projects for the benefit of society.

Our Products

ELTEK has ensured to meet any demand in the shortest possible time. With the capability of producing 60 tons of ANFO, 12 tons of Emulsions and 30 tons of MATRIX in one shift and by being able to provide detonators and safety fuse at any given time, ELTEK products are setting new standards.