Easy and flexible application

NONEL LP is a non-electric initiation system. Provides long delay times and is designed for underground blastings. The versatility of the delay time provides great flexibility in use.


In underground blastings
In road tunnels


NONEL LP is a non-electric initiation system. It can be best initiated with a surface detonator, an electric detonator and with a detonating cord.


Excellent performance in every operation
Excellent safety against mechanical impact and friction Easy filling and transportation
Perfect fragmentation of the rocks after blasting
Full control of time delay
Confidence in humidity conditions
Performance at work due to quick use and easy connection

Safety Guidance

In every step of usage and transportation be guided by the relevant «Material Safety Data Sheet».

Classification and Transport

UN No 0267, 0360, 0361, 0500
Hazard Class 1.1B, 1.4B & 1.4S
According to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 {CPL} icon 7