Low Cost

Water resistance, high efficiency

Το EXPO GEL 100 Low Cost is a cap sensitive explosive emulsion, using a booster to ignite it safely. It is suitable for use in open mines, road constructions, quarries and constructions.
Its excellent resistance to water and its high density make it suitable for any type of surface explosion.


In open coal mines
In channel blastings
In every open mine, quarry
In special blasting applications

Technical Characteristics

Water resistance: excellent
Detonation velocity (m/s) : 5.500-6.800 * Density (gr/cm3) : 1,24 – 1,27
Explosion energy (Mj/kg) : 3,2 – 3,5
Gas volume (lt/kg) : 992
Cartridge dimensions (mm): 70, 90, 120 Packaging: cardboard boxes 22,5Kg net weight *in steel pipe diameter 90mm


Extremely resistant to water
Low gas emission
Excellent performance in every operation
Excellent safety against mechanical impact and friction Easy loading and handling


All the cartridges in all dimensions of the EXPLO GEL 100 Low Cost may be ignited using a booster of at least 400 gr weight, i.e. EXPLO GEL 100 & 200. Detonating cord* at least 40 gr/m may be used, only if the cartridges are in contact with the detonating cord.

*The ignition of the products is not suggested using detonating cord

Classification and Transport

UN No0241
Hazard Class1.1 D
According to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 {CPL}

Safety Guidance

EXPLO GEL 100 Low Cost is classified as dangerous explosive and must be handled and used by qualified personnel. In every step of usage and transportation be guided by the relevant “Material Safety Data Sheet”.