Cost-efficient, easy and safe application

Explo ANFO is an explosive matter in granules, which consists of a homogenous mixture of porous (prilled) Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil (diesel oil), in a percentage of 94.3% and 5.7% by weight. This proportion provides an optimal oxygen balance. ANFO can be used in dry holes. Provides optimal load for the holes due to its free flow. Not recommended for use in horizontal or vertical holes, with a diameter less than 45 mm.


  • In canal blastings
  • In every construction and area excavations
  • In stripping operations of coal and metal mines
  • In raw material quarries of cement and lime plants
  • In every quarry blastings
  • In motorway blastings
  • In every excavation operations of dam constructions

Technical Characteristics

  • Water resistance: No
  • Detonation velocity (m/s):2.400 – 4350
  • Density (gr/cm3): 0,78 – 0,82
  • Explosion energy (Mj/kg): 3,8
  • Gas volume (lt/kg): 981
  • Explosion temperature (K): 2,935
  • Packaging: PolyEthylene bags of 25kg net weight


Safety in mechanical impact and frictions
Easy charge and carrying


Must be fired with sufficient quantity of cap-sensitive explosive. It is suggested that the diameter of the cap-sensitive explosive cartridge should be close to the hole diameter and the length of the hole to be at least 5 times bigger than the hole diameter.

Classification and Transport

UN No 0082
Hazard Class 1.1 D
According to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 {CPL}

Safety Guidance

EXPLO ANFO is classified as dangerous explosive and must be handled and used by qualified personnel. In every step of usage and transportation be guided by the relevant “Material Safety Data Sheet”.