The detonating cord consists of a core of pentaerythritol
tetranitrate (PETN),wrapped in various coverings
of cotton and synthetic yarns, which increase its flexibility
and tensile strength. The detonating cord is a very common
trigger. It may be activated with the help of an electric or
plain detonator No 8.


The detonating cord may be used:
• In hard climatic conditions, where the electric firing is not possible.
• When many holes must be blasted simultaneously.
• In blasting circuits to transport the explosion wave to the drill holes..
• Undersea blastings.

Depending on the explosive blasted, detonating cord with different
power (petrite content) can be used.

Classification and transport

UN No 0065
Hazard Class 1.1D
According to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 {CPL}