Who we Are

Hellenic Explosive Technology (ELTEK) was founded in 2010 with its headquarters located in northern Greece, in the municipality of Grevena. Our target: To take full advantage of our know-how and expertise and offer truly safe and efficient explosives that contribute to the success of any above-ground or underground project.

And with the support of our new potent investors in 2016, this goal became more feasible than ever, with ELTEK becoming the fastest growing company in the Balkans to produce and trade explosives.

The Company

With a privately-owned area of 100 acres with 14 modern industrial facilities, warehouses with a total capacity of 700 tons of raw material and 200 tons of explosives and with a modern and fully certified fleet of trucks, ELTEK has built a rapidly growing commercial network to serve the demands in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Romania and Serbia, while at the same time recording a steady monthly increase in sales of 25%.

At the same time, ELTEK is constantly investing in the research of new products, in the development of modern and safer chemical compositions and mining processes, in order not only to optimize the quality but also reduce the cost of the explosive process.

Our most important success however remains the fact that in few years we have managed to build with our ever-increasing number of customers true relationships based on mutual trust as ELTEK has become for each one a valuable co-worker.

Because at the end of the day, in ELTEK we don’t just offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for explosives, but at the same time the necessary guarantees our customers need to feel safe that their projects will be completed successfully, within their timetable and within their budget.

Your Safe Power